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Musician / Singer / Songwriter

Jimmy Teichert is a Chicago-based singer/songwriter. He's available for Jobbing dates and also performs Live as a Solo artist. Recently he started his own production company called “The Song Doctor” designed to help artists and songwriters achieve their full potential.

For more detailed information about all the services Jimmy has to offer just click on the menu bar above. To learn more about his skills as a Jobbing musician or Solo artist, click “Live” on the menu bar. If you want to become a better guitar, piano, or bass player, click on “The Teacher” in the Services menu. If you're an artist or songwriter that wants to record your own music but you don't have access to a recording studio, click on “The Song Doctor” in the Services menu. If you want to check out and download some of his original songs just click on “Originals”. If you're looking for high quality, professional Backing Tracks in a variety of musical styles, click on “Backing Tracks” in the Services menu.

Jimmy Teichert is a professional musician who wears many musical hats. If you'd like to get on his Mailing List to learn more about his upcoming Events or Services, go to “Contact Me” and leave your contact information. And thank you for visiting the website.

Chicago Connection

In 2005, wanting to be closer to the Chicago music scene, Jimmy moved to the south Loop area in Chicago, just a stone's throw from Buddy Guy's Legends, one of his all-time favorite guitar players. "It's the coolest thing I've ever done, moving downtown. It's the Blues Capital of the World. It's where I should be".